Ellen Lens is known for working with Writer/Director Peter Greenaway, Thomas Vinterberg and Rolf de Heer among others. She collaborated with Cinematographers Sacha Vierny, Denis Lenoir and Anthony Dod Mantle. Besides Feature film she works with visual artists on performances and museum presentations.


She started in 1984 as a trainee for the Dutch Costume Institute in The Hague working on the much rumored exhibition The Language of Fashion’. From there she was assigned as a buyer / collector for that same institute and specialized in Street Fashion till 1991.


Filming took over but the experience of handling costumes from over three centuries has definitely formed her awareness of costume as a second skin. In finding the movie. She is known for her knowledge of social layers in building costumes. Historical and now-a-days.


Ellen Lens is a member of The European Film Academy.